Virginia 1819 Schooner Wooden Ship Model Kit by Artesania Latina




Latina 1/41 Virginia American Schooner LAT22135

- click on the image below for more information.31qbPbgXS6L. SL160  Virginia 1819 Schooner Wooden Ship Model Kit by Artesania Latina
  • Detailed constuction methods allow modeler to form the hull by\r\n attaching planking strakes to the false keel and frames.
  • ach mast must be built and painted or stained for added realism
  • All wood construction features Apple-wood, Ramin, Plywood, Mahogany
  • Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings, hinges and hinge pins, belaying pins and much more
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds

This is the Latina Virgina 1:41 scale static wooden model ship kit. For Beginning Modelers. The Latina Virgina 1819 was designed in 1819 and launched that same year. Also know as "schooners", these boats offered great maneuverability and elegance. Equipped with a central swivel mounted carronade and lighty armed plus high speed the Virginia was used for pursuit and intercepting tasks as a Coast Guard boat.

Latina 1/41 Virginia American Schooner LAT22135

buynow big Virginia 1819 Schooner Wooden Ship Model Kit by Artesania Latina


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Ships – Developing Skills through Craft  
wooden model ship kit

Article by art morse

Building Wood Model Ships

If you think that wood model ships are basically just exquisitely detailed versions of real ships, think again. You don’t really think that when a ship is destroyed in a film or movie that the film producers actually destroy a full size ship do you? Well, not all the time. Enter one fascinating need for wood model ships.

Wood is alive and well among hobbyist and architectural professionals alike. Many model ship builders enjoy the great engineering aspect of building scale models. The process involves careful planning and a great attention to detail. From an engineering stand point the importance of building scale model ships to test designs before actually building full scale prototypes is essential to the end result. The skills learned by building wood model ships have allowed many craftsmen to become well rewarded experts within the field.

Those with a fascination of the building process throughout history can experience some of what a ship builder may have had going through their minds four hundred years ago. A person can experience first hand the evolution of why the hull is shaped the way it is. They can learn why the wood planks need to line up exactly as they do in order to not leak, and gain insight into the overall design from the wooden mast to the beauty of the sail. Each phase builds upon the other and you learn not only about ship engineering, you learn skills such as patience and attention to detail as well. All of this is part of the process of building of wood model ships.

Occasionally, a hobbyist or an amateur builder of wood model ships will become so exceptionally skilled at their craft that they are offered the opportunity to turn pro. And if you are a beginner at building wood model ships, or you are just now thinking about buying your first kit, keep this in mind: every professional model builder was once a beginner. Professional model builders can earn surprisingly good pay for the skills they developed building wood model ships. Often the professional will be called upon to create incredibly life like, scaled down versions of a real wooden ship for movie and film producers.

There are numerous opportunities for those who build wood model ships to interact with one another. For example: trade shows, model building groups or clubs, and even online discussion groups and blogs which are devoted to wood model ships. Go on and share some of your experiences and tips with others who enjoy building wood model ships! You will definitely learn new ideas and approaches to building your own wood model ships. This is also a very convenient way to get quick and well informed answers to questions you may have while working on a ship project of your own.

Wood model ships are extremely well suited for gifts or collectible purposes as well. An eye catching wood model ship can quickly become the center of attention in an entire room, and will never fail to infuse a sense of wonder into those who gaze upon the details of the exquisite workmanship, and the fine hand carved woods.

It can take many years of practice to hone one’s skills as a skilled wood model ship builder, and the majority of people who start with their first kit remain fascinated every step of the way. The planning and attention to detail which is practiced during each phase of the model ship building process can be applied to life in general as well. Someday you may just be able to figure you’re way out of a sticky situation by using the wit and patience you developed while building your wood model ships.

About the Author

A look at what is available in models“> Sail Powered Ships

Wood model ships>

– Armed Virginia Sloop, 1768 – Model Shipways, Preparing For Planking – Part 2

This video covers instaling the wale strake, transom frame and preparing the bulkheads for planking. This is a video log of my construction process using the College of Model Ship Building practicum by I am a novice/beginner model ship builder. I wanted to document the process of construction on my first real wooden model ship.
wooden model ship kit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. YugoRus says:

    It is cognitive

  2. TacJammer says:

    Nicely done.

    OK, it’s driving me crazy, trying to figure it out… what is that music you have at the beginning and end?

  3. waldonass says:


  4. coltino1911 says:

    Thank you by an italian modeler! Great job!
    Grazie infinite ottimo lavoro!

  5. hjones1 says:

    Nice job.

  6. Carole Dysart says:

    You've got it!!! The LOOK!! Whatever you do is going to look great. Just do what you love to do and be surprised when you see the end result. It is a gift. I also have a book that I put my 'samples' in, as I try small samples of an idea I want to try and staple the piece in and make notes as to why I liked or did not like the end result and what I would or would not do something different the next time. It is too hard to remember back what you did and this is a great resource and reminder.


  7. shoreacres says:

    What a wonderful entry. I especially enjoyed the mention of the trophy for being the “best of all losers”.

    I am curious – there are J-boats all over the marinas now, slicked up and stripped down titanium and fiberglass wonders that weigh about 100 pounds, with fancy retracting bowsprits for spinnakers and such. Are they descended from those old J-boats? Since I'm not a racer, a good bit of racing trivia and facts escape me.

    It's so interesting about Speed and the masts for the America replica. I do love a wooden mast. I had one I varnished from a chair over the years and I enjoyed it, but now I refer those projects on to the young ones ;-)

    I can't quite get my mind around multihulls in the America's Cup. I read the wiki on the litigation involved. It made no sense to me, but it ought to be fun to watch the boats.

    I don't think the current J boats have anything to do with the old classics. There is, however, a group for J Class yachts that ARE based on the old designs. According to the site, the group met in 2000 and Class Rules were established for the construction of Replica Rebuilds from original plans.

  8. LibraryThing says:

    Guinea Pig/s needed!: I’m a very very amateur builder, and to say I’m a scripter would be a flat out lie. None th…

  9. Limitless is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. The film is directed by Neil Burger and is based on a screenplay by Leslie Dixon, who had acquired rights to the source material. Dixon wrote the adapted screenplay for less than her normal cost in exchange for being made one of the film’s producers. She and fellow producer Scott Kroopf approached Burger to direct the film, at the time titled The Dark Fields. For Burger, who had written and directed his previous three films, the collaboration was his first foray solely as director. With Universal Pictures developing the project, …

  10. Reenaurl says:

    I’m making chicken and stuffing. For dessert I bought brie and pecans and wood planks. Mmm.

  11. says:

    I don't think the current J boats have anything to do with the old classics. There is, however, a group for J Class yachts that ARE based on the old designs. According to the site, the group met in 2000 and Class Rules were established for the construction of Replica Rebuilds from original plans.]]>

  12. Mike says:

    In order for the company to handle the shipping they would also have to warehouse your merchandise. I don't know of any e-commerce company besides Amazon that would want to be in the warehousing business.

    You would be better off using UPS. They have a great ecommerce solution

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