Where Can I Buy Old Wood Ship Model Kits (To Build)?



Model Kits Ship

Question regarding model kits ship by Jorje: Where can I buy old wood kits (to build)?
I wanna build like

Flemish Galleon
Venetian Galease
Spanish Galleon
Balsa (yes, even the wimp)
etc. the old-style pirate types

Where can I buy wooden model kits to build these?

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Answer by Dee O
Contact trade associations or to get offers from suppliers and manufacturers of , send an email with your requirement to [email protected]

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What is 3D printing? A beginner’s guide to the desktop factory
model kits ship
Deep in a sub-basement of the GM world headquarters, dozens of high-tech machines emit a soft whirring sound. In a sandy liquid, as an arm passes quickly overhead while a model slowly emerges. It’s the side-mirror of a new concept vehicle with a place to insert the mirror and bolt the part into place.

A video catalog of some solid hull and plank on blukhead model kits from Model Shipways. To order any of these model kits, ship modeling tools, fittings or accessories visit us at www.modelexpo-online.com
Model kits ship Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Where Can I Buy Old Wood Ship Model Kits (To Build)?”

  1. StevenQ says:

    Try modelexpo.com.

  2. ♣455 Trans Am man ♣ says:

    This is your best bet,they can also order what you want.
    Check them out.

  3. Model Kits ShipQuestion regarding model kits ship by Jorje: Where can I buy old wood ship model kits to build?

  4. rizalokids says:

    See I cnt fuk wit china ass I'm still at the poke ya tongue n da side of ya jaw n da mirror to see hw it looks stage lmao

  5. mable.syrup says:

    To me that would be COMPLETELY unacceptable! If you can't get what you want from the customer service rep- keep insiting and talking to a manager/supervisor- keep working your way up until you get what you want. They should overnight you a brand new one- and pay the shipping to take the old one back. $10 is an insult. I would talk to a supervisor and explain your problem- making sure to emphasize it was done before it was shipping and it's THEIR FAULT- and they can incure the charges of getting you one that is CORRECT on time to you and at THEIR EXPENSE!
    Or you can simply tell them you want your purchase refunded COMPLETELY (not just $10) and that you've never had a problem with their company before and use them frequently,. but since they have dealt with this in such a poor and unprofessional manner you will not be using them again!

  6. rtwpsom2 says:

    I design plastic scale model ship kits for a living and my very first one has been called the best model ship kit ever manufactured. It means something to exactly six people and four of them live under this roof.

  7. Ryan says:

    hi there

    I have heard of many many superstitions but to answer your questions. To break a mirror brings seven years of bad luck. It is believed that to bury the pieces, or run them in a stream before throwing them away. i have broken a mirror before but not had bad luck follow me from it.

  8. model ship kits says:

    model ship kits –

  9. Damn! I gotta download these! :D

  10. Myrthe says:

    Looks cool !! And $41.25 USD is good, too.

  11. Calming and relaxing. What sort of flute are you using?

  12. 123Jus1 says:

    Notice the Gulf oil leak in the background.

  13. eragufuwi says:

    Toysmith Pirate Ship Wooden Model: Pirate Ship Wooden Model

  14. pux_mamet says:

    Wood ship ? Idiot !

  15. HermoineW says:

     off (on the wood ship)

  16. Amit B says:

    Well I agree with with the user at the top.

  17. oneview.com | new tags: &quote; says:

    How you can learn more about buy ship model kit so you can add to your model collection. –

  18. you propaby could go with the newer version of the 2.5 but you might run into more problems because they might have more electric sensors ect. id just look around at junkyards and see if they have any same year 2.5s.

  19. Katie L says:

    It's brilliant! I can't believe you're only 15! You write beautifully and even though it was only a short excerpt, I was completely taken in by it and definitely wanted to read more!

    You have a bright future ahead of you!

  20. rhythm says:

    try this link -

  21. ExadusEnt says:

    Gm world

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